Saturday, October 25, 2008

Quirky Video Journalism

"Hi, I'm Steve Garfield from"

That's how Steve Garfield introduces himself in all of his videos. He urges others to use a tagline, like he does. A tagline makes sure that everyone remembers you and your web site, even if your video is loaded onto some one else's site.

Steve Garfield has made a career out of making quirky videos with news value. Video blogging, or vlogging, has certainly been rising in popularity lately. Additionally, traditional news sites have begun using video to support their print and web news. As with any citizen journalism, vlogging has its uses, but only after the information included have been fact checked. Steve Garfield's vlogs are high on entertainment value and fit his personality.

However, his vlogs aren't simply for entertainment value. They are also designed to educate, like a recent video on the cost to file an absentee ballot, or to break news, such as when he interviews Duncan Hunter.

Of course, he excels in the weird, such as this coverage of the Boston Typewriter Orchestra.

The most intriguing aspect of Steve Garfields talk to me was when he talked about Qik. Qik is a web site that allows users to upload live streaming video. When he covers live events, he sends a message using twitter that allows subscribers to know to go to his Qik channel to view the live video.

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"Hi, I'm Steve Garfield from"

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